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  • [New] Task manager on dashboard long running repeatable tasks (uses Maya Bot Utils module)
  • [New] Maya Releases for Windows now available (finally!)
  • [New] Share and install automation collections with single link to a valid json file hosted anywhere
  • [New] Crash recovery and notification for unrecovarable failures in automation workspace
  • [Enhance] In editor store and dashboard accessibility buttons
  • [Enhanced] Updated Maya Browser Automation extension for browsers for easier automation


  • [New] Reset your app to factory from settings
  • [New] Import and install any Maya compatible skill collection straight into the editor
  • [New] Quick export and share your skill collection directly as JSON with any other Maya user
  • [New] Login through your saved password for Maya in your browser
  • [New] Search for nodes and install corresponding modules from the editor directly
  • [New] Hardened security for your locally saved credentials
  • [New] Fallback implemented if device doesn't have keychain/keyring access
  • [Enhance] New views added to store: Skill packs are now Collections, Intents are now Commands
  • [Fix] App intermittently requires logging out to continue working


  • [Enhance] No more node and workspaces limits in free tier
  • [Fix] OAuth 2.0 configurations refresh token architecture improved for dynamic token validity
  • [Enhance] Now install external Node RED compatible modules to Maya workspaces and save in library
  • [Enhance] Scroll through all results on custom search type response placeholders in command bar
  • [New] Preview dashboard type skills from Dashboard option in Editor Menu drawer
  • [Enhance] Now sign up and register with Maya without needing to apply for waitlist, ask for your invite code with your use case
  • [New] Offline check ribbon to inform whether the application is offline


  • [Fix] Bug fix which minimized studio on opening native commands from command bar
  • [Fix] Setup Wizard module list overflows for more than four modules selected
  • [Enhance] Store and library views made responsive to window resize
  • [Enhance] Cleaner skill flow animations in Maya Skill Generator
  • [New] Upgrade to Maya Premium with easy to use subscription pricing


  • [New] Install unlimited Store skillpacks in Default Runtime
  • [New] Upgrade to premium tier to use unlimited nodes, build your own skills and get support
  • [New] Import your Google contacts and use for phone and email placeholders from Settings
  • [New] Dock icon visible for MacOS
  • [New] Release now available for Mac Silicon
  • [Enhance] Autoselect first recommendation on service search recommendations
  • [Enhance] Refocus back to previous application after using command bar


  • [Enhance] Setup Wizard experience for cleaner and more understandable flow
  • [Enhance] Recommendation experience in various Maya skills
  • [Fix] Crash on re-login
  • [Fix] More edge case handled in module profile configurations


  • [New] Manage all module configurations from Settings
  • [Fix] Reliable handling of error in command execution
  • [Fix] Reliable and secure token updates for OAuth services
  • [Fix] Command bar card section history
  • [Enhance] Intercom messenger integrated for live chat support


  • [New] Discover native Maya commands in command bar and get started quick
  • [New] New Store layout with category based search functions
  • [Enhance] Reliable handling of error in command execution
  • [Enhance] Reliable and secure token updates for OAuth services


  • [Enhance] New command bar experience with new UI, action shortcuts and feedback
  • [Enhance] Get a default runtime to install all your store skills on
  • [Enhance] Maya Web Automation Extension gets a more user friendly permission management
  • [Fix] Bug preventing refresh of OAuth tokens


  • [Enhance] Removed extra steps in brain runtime creation + skill installation
  • [Enhance] Better search recommendations on command bar
  • [Enhance] More stability to command bar access experience
  • [Enhance] First installation Setup Wizard experience improvement
  • [Fix] Memory leak preventions from cascading crash
  • [New] Installed skillpacks visible on home screen
  • [New] New Tray menu
  • [New] Search feature for skills/modules within store


  • [Fix] UX focus issues on clicking on command bar results
  • [Fix] Fixed fullscreen traffic light for MacOS users.
  • [Fix] Screen switching inconsistencies on opening and closing command bar.
  • [New] The default command bar invocation hotkey is changed to Alt/Option (⌥) + Space
  • [Enhance] Faster application network calls


  • [Fix] Module installation error resolved
  • [Fix] UX inconsistencies in new Setup Wizard for first time users
  • [New] Added Setup Wizard button to let users restart setup wizard
  • [Enhance] Security patch


  • [New] Improved setup wizard for first time users to educate and set up Maya for them.
  • [New] Icons support in the Maya Search bar recommendation
  • [New] Zoom Meetings integration and ready to use skill on the marketplace
  • [New] Developer only feature to try out auto-generation of skills (experimental)
  • [New] Forgot password on the login page setup
  • [New] Updated Google Drive module with new node to download files and add them to your workflow
  • [Fix] Brain runtime editor freeze issues resolved
  • [Enhance] The application download and install size reduced to more than 50% from v0.10.4-hotfix-1
  • [Skills] New skills added to the


  • [Fix] NPM Integrated Module installation fixed
  • [Fix] Autostart on interrupted brain runtimes from a previous session fixed
  • [Feature] Control your default Chromium based browser with Web-Automation-Module integration and Maya Web Automation Extension now published on Chrome Web Store
  • [New] New integrations for Google Calendar and Google Drive


  • [Enhance] String queries on Search Bar defaults showing google search recommendations
  • [Enhance] Updated styles to display list of skills and command to invoke them
  • [Feature] Control your default Chromium based browser with Web-Automation-Module integration and Maya Web Automation Extension
  • [Feature] Integrated NPM Support removes the need to setup NVM and NodeJS environment for installation
  • [Feature] More Security: All user credentials for 3rd party integrations are now stored in OS Keychain
  • [Enhance] Faster brain runtime creation with pre-filled default names


  • [Fix] Pressing esc on loading doesn't hide command bar.
  • [Fix] Scrollbar styling updated to be consistent
  • [Fix] Setup wizard now updates environment variables for both bash and zsh in MacOS
  • [Fix] Update notification bar now doesn't overlay on action buttons


  • [Fix] Fixes NPM install errors on Mac devices with varying defaults shells.
  • [Fix] Setup Wizard screen appears whenever Setup Wizard quick link is pressed in home screen.
  • [Fix] Brain runtime doesn't auto-start on creation
  • [Fix] Deleting a brain removed the brain access tab
  • [Enhance] Loading skeletons removed when library is empty, shows empty list
  • [Enhance] Hide Maya command bar on hitting Esc when input empty
  • [Fix] Form validation on profile config creation


  • [Feature] New cooler loading screen for app bootup
  • [Fix] Fixed a reported memory leak and improved stability
  • [Enhance] Updates sections improved:
    • Items from list get removed after successful update
    • Feedback toast for update completion/failure
  • [Fix] Fix on Deploy button to update intent commands
  • [Enhance] UX improvement in Maya Search bar
  • [Fix] App quits completely on clicking red button on traffic light
  • [Enhance] New designs and images on the first time set up screen
  • [Feature] Skills shared over web link can be opened in Electron app through browser deeplink
  • [Enhance] Overall theme is slightly darker than before
  • [Feature] Landing on Updates section does 'Check for Updates' sections
  • [Fix] You can now create new brains while installing skillpack or modules from library/store.


  • [Fix] Maya Search background glitch fixed
  • [Fix] Multiple instances of app opening on MacOS resolved
  • [Fix] Graceful exit to solve Object has been destroyed error
  • [Feature] Opening the editor starts the runtime if it has not started
  • [Fix] CSS fixes for viewports on large screens, scrolls added to category sections in store
  • [Feature] Unlisted publishing of skills added to share skills privately
  • [Fix] Updating library item doesn't create new entry anymore
  • [Enhance] Configure Profile button UI and UI flow improved
  • [Support] Logging added to application for identifcation and support
  • [Feature] Visual feedback tool usersnap integrated to obtain user feedback anywhere in the app with screenshot
  • [Support] Usage analytics added to collect and improve on crash and drops